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UNCOVERING FRAUDULENT FOREIGN LIFE INSURANCE CLAIMS – Vol.1 (Incorporating lessons for Claims Examiners and Investigators worldwide) ISBN 978-0-9912350-1-8




Israel Obiora Mbachu, CFE, CII

Stella A. Obiora-Mbachu, Ph.D., CFE


This publication is essential reading for the professionals as follows:


·      Life Claims Examiners, Analysts, Specialists, Administrators

·      Special Investigators in Special Investigation Unit (SIU)

·      Claims Investigators and Consultants

·      Travel Insurance Claims Professionals

·      Insurance Claims and Fraud Investigators

·      Private Investigators working foreign life insurance claims

·       Insurance Attorneys and Solicitors

·      Medical Consultants for insurance companies

·       Employee Benefits Managers in organizations

·       Loss or Independent Adjusters

·       Law enforcement officers and prosecutors


The essence of the book and subsequent volumes are as follows:


·     To raise awareness of fraudulent foreign life insurance claims that have assumed pandemic proportions and filed with insurers and related organizations particularly in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

·     To enable the reader comprehend the psychology/mindset of the fraudster and not be hoodwinked by their antics in the bid to defraud insurance companies and underwriters.

·     To enable the reader acquire relevant knowledge and build on the experience in order to be able to review, analyze and investigate fraudulent foreign life insurance claims and procure the facts.


The sections include case notes under the following:


·         The stated illness led to uncovering the fraud

·         The weird scenario: Refurbished tombstone

·         Resolving fraudulent death claims via structured questionnaire form

·         Body substitution


Below are the countries the claims originated and the countries or location of the insurers or underwriters. The initial country is stated first and after a slash, the country the claim is filed. The cases are discussed and analyzed as follows:


·         Afghanistan / United States

·         Nigeria / United States

·         Cameroon / United States

·         Guyana / United States

·         Ghana / Canada

·         Nigeria / United States

·         Bangladesh / United States

·         Tanzania / United States

·         Iraq / Canada

·         Nigeria / Hong Kong

·         Haiti / United States

·         Angola / United States

·         Zimbabwe / United Kingdom

·         India / Canada

·         Moldova / United States


“Together we work to reduce policyholders’ premiums by combating global life, health and travel insurance fraud.”

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